Universal basic income (UBI), an economic measure that would provide a periodic cost-
of-living stipend to help ease citizens’ financial burdens, has experienced a renaissance in
recent months. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought it especially into the light, with some
organizations heralding it as “the new normal” following government stimulus checks and the
growing need for economic protection. What do you think about universal basic income?

UBI, a long-forgotten topic brought back to the national conversation by former
2020 Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang, is among the most divisive debates in
the modern political arena. While some experts argue that UBI is the best way to remedy the
ongoing economic crisis, others warn that we should be wary of unpredictable outcomes and
the difficulty of a one-size-fits-all solution. Add your voice to this hot topic and see how your
fellow citizens feel by participating in this quick survey: simply type in the top five words that
come to mind on the issue, and stand by for the results!


If you are interested in what some critiques and advocates of this theme say about the subject, we recommend the following sources:

This survey will be closed on November 2.

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