Democracy, the political system in place in most countries of the globe is taken for granted by millions while being fought for relentlessly in other parts of the world. Some critiques look to construct Democracy 2.0, a perfected future form of democracy to be used as a model for how society should be organized, and others have already put democracy in its grave by claiming that it has not achieved its great promises and it never will.

You have a chance to lend your voice to an exciting debate about both the value and the shortcomings of democracy. Club members will learn interesting insights from both supporters and critiques and hear about many new points of view regarding the challenges we face. We want to open this debate to our audience and learn about how the collective feels!

If you are interested in what some critiques and advocates of democracy say about the subject, we recommend the following sources:

This survey will be closed on November 2, 2020 .

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