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Most of us have a mental list of things we would like to learn before we die. And, most of us never get down to it. But what if you could study anything freely?
What would your first 5 choices be?

Can you do a perfect dive? Have you ever created a website from scratch? Is there an instrument you played for years, but never really got the grip of it? You answered and here are the results!

From the kaleidoscope of answers, a few categories immediately emerge as some of the skills our audience would most like to learn if they had 5 free months: instruments, like the guitar, the piano, and (online and offline) technical skills, like programming, carpentry, or driving. Languages, for example, German and English were also very popular answers, and so were different art forms, like painting and sewing.

The categories mentioned together – meaning, within the same 5-word answer – most were languages + music, music+sports, and languages+sports.

However, these answers are not what surprised us the most. While we expected coding (or subdivisions, and synonyms of it) to be one of the top three answers, it only came in fifth. At the same time, answers we would have considered strangely idiosyncratic, like sewing, horticulture, and pottery added up to a category named crafts and were the fourth most popular answer. Other unexpected categories were trades, including permaculture, carpentry, and car maintenance, and yoga and meditation.

Looking at the list of the most popular words we can conclude that having the opportunity, most people would spend 5 free months with learning not only technical skills attractive for employability, but also studying arts, sciences, and life skills important for anyone’s wellbeing.

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