Collective intelligence will change our world. Humanity is based upon community, and future-focused professionals know that understanding the collective is essential to success. Sustainable progress is impossible without taking the time to share knowledge and understand other points of view. And now, 5-WORDS Club is the ultimate platform for you to contribute your voice to the collective.

5-WORDS offers a new approach to understanding the world around us. Let’s say you want to know what your audience thinks about AI: there are plenty of solutions on the market that generate basic word clouds or offer complicated survey tools that are cumbersome and time-consuming to use. Neither of these provides you with sophisticated data analysis that truly provides understanding. 5-WORDS hacks minds to activate deep thought without requiring unnecessary detail and effort, allowing people to share their thoughts without demanding excessive, time-consuming processes.

By participating in a 5-WORDS Club survey, you are contributing your perspective to collective knowledge without self-moderation. Our surveys are always entirely anonymous, and they focus on the collective rather than the individual. Our questions ask for the perfect number of answers to activate deep thought without losing your attention, and total anonymity allows you to answer objectively without and fear of recording: our system never records personal data with answers. This makes our aggregated data more accurate, more honest, and more complex, without posing any risk to our users.

But simply providing the solution is not enough. We truly believe that collective knowledge will change our world, and that is why we have rolled out 5-WORDS Club. This is where we present the most important questions pertaining to world and culture, allowing our global community of users to weigh in and share their perspectives. Contributing your answers to 5-WORDS Club means contributing your thoughts to collective knowledge; collective knowledge is essential to a better future.

Gone are the days of sifting through Twitter and Facebook to see how many people agree with you. Lend your voice to our completely anonymous surveys and stay in touch to find out how your thoughts align with your fellow humans.

5-WORDS is democratizing opinion, one question at a time. Participate today!

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