Activating collective intelligence with crowd-sourced knowledge

Introducing 5-WORDS Club!

Collective intelligence will change our world. Humanity is based upon community, and future-focused professionals know that understanding the collective is essential to success. Sustainable progress is impossible without taking the time to share knowledge and understand other points of view.

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Question of the Week: What would you most like ...

Most of us have a mental list of things we would like to learn before we die. And, most of us never get down to it. But what if you could study anything freely? What would your first 5 choices be? Can you do a perfect dive? Have you ever created a website from scratch? […]

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Question of the week: What is the circus?

Question of the week: What is the circus? Wild entertainment or a serious art form? Having had to change a lot in recent years, the word ‘circus’ meant many things from old-fashioned animal numbers to abstract movement theatre, from spectacle to farce. Everybody involved wonders

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What comes to mind when you think of Apple?

Apple is presented as the primary example of branding strategies in most marketing and advertising studies. There it is usually stated that the company owns its success to the “look” and “feel” of their products, rather than its technical achievements. We wanted to unpack this claim and dig a

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