Activating collective intelligence with crowd-sourced knowledge

Introducing 5-WORDS Club!

Collective intelligence will change our world. Humanity is based upon community, and future-focused professionals know that understanding the collective is essential to success. Sustainable progress is impossible without taking the time to share knowledge and understand other points of view.

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5 lifehacks for engaging online teaching

In the last year, we all learned the ins and outs of online communication the hard way. Although schools (for the most) part have now returned to normal, online teaching and online education in the wider sense will stay with us. If you’ve ever struggled with student engagement during an online

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Dig deeper! Qualitative Surveys from an Entrepr...

Dig deeper! Qualitative Surveys from an Entrepreneurial Perspective Small business owners are missing out on a big opportunity – research. Even when businesses venture into the realm of research for a new project for example, they tend toward quantitative surveys, eg. presenting customers

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The rise and fall of feedback culture

Nowadays you can hardly find a company that does not claim to have a “feedback culture.” What is this obsession with feedback? Is it really possible to incorporate feedback into everything a company does? And if it is, is it anything more than a waste of time and resources? What is feedback?

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