Activating collective intelligence with crowd-sourced knowledge

Introducing 5-WORDS Club!

Collective intelligence will change our world. Humanity is based upon community, and future-focusedprofessionals know that understanding the collective is essential to success. Sustainableprogress is impossible without taking the time to share knowledge and understand otherpoints of view. And

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The Art of a Question

“It is not the answer that enlightens, but the question.” – Eugene Ionesco Getting good information is impossible without asking a good question. Whether you are participating in a 5-WORDS survey or creating your own, it is essential to identify a good question. The question itself is the

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What are your thoughts on Universal Basic Income?

Universal basic income (UBI), an economic measure that would provide a periodic cost-of-living stipend to help ease citizens’ financial burdens, has been a highly polarizing topic in the last twelve months. Some groups herald it as “the new normal,” while other groups see it as a form of

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